Electronic Appliance & Electrical energy efficiency

SQI Institute of Quality Inspection of Electronics and Electrical Appliances can provide testing service on 15 categories of electrical products. They are chemical testing on electrical products, electrical and electronic products environmental testing, materials testing, electronic components and electrical accessories, batteries, electric tools, safety & energy efficiency performance of information equipment, photographic equipment, electronic equipment, environmental labeling products, safety and energy efficiency of audio and video products, the performance of photovoltaic products, energy star and fire electronic alarm products and electromagnetic compatibility.

SQI undertakes inspecting business of China Compulsory Certification, and business scope covers audio & video apparatus, IT equipment, household appliance, electric wire set, plugs & socket-outlet for household and similar purpose, switch for household and similar fixed-electrical installation, thermal link, tube fuse of miniature fuse, enclosure for electrical accessory for household and similar fixed electrical installation, telecommunication terminal equipment and etc.

Granted by CNAS, test service of electronic appliance & electrical product covers safety test, energy efficiency test, performance test, chemical substances test of electronic appliance, environmental test & material test of electrical product, EMC test and etc., involving products such as household appliance, electric tool, luminaire& accessory, medical electrical equipment, robot, rail transit product, automotive electronic equipment, electric bicycle, electric component, capacitor, switch, household control system, measuring instrument, photographicequipment, security equipment, electronic toy, mobile phone and accessory, PV product component, combine box, inverter, energy storage battery, wind turbine equipment, portable lithium battery, charging pile and etc.


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