SQI Received A Letter of Thanks from Shanghai Shangyao Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

On May 24, SQI received a letter of thanks from Shanghai Shangyao Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shangyao Xinyi"), for providing on-site measurement services during the epidemic.

In order to meet the urgent metrology needs of Shangyao Xinyi, SQI biomedical metrology team immediately dispatched personnels to the site to carry out metrology services in the factory. Team members quickly integrate into the production team of the enterprise, gave full play to their own professional and technical advantages, and offered advice and suggestions for the production of the enterprise. Practicing the spirit of "craftsman", they overcame various difficulties and worked continuously day and night and completed the measurement calibration of more than 250 analytical, temperature, pressure and other equipment with high quality and high efficiency, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement instruments during the closed management of the enterprise.

In the next step, SQI will always perform the function of government laboratory, taking initiative and fully supporting the enterprise to return to work and production.