Test Equipment Development
Test Equipment Development

Research & development group of furniture mechanical testing machine is one of scientific research teams in SQI, having reached several R&D achievements during the scientific & technology projects of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision and obtained several national patents.

Research & development group’s achievements bring huge economic benefit and social benefit, attaining domestic leading level, appropriate for product testing, product research & development, data verification and quality control, and they are well appraised by users, involving National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Furniture, Zhe Jiang Furniture & Hardware Research Institute, Changzhou Inspection Institute for Product Quality, Xiamen Products Quality Supervision & Inspection Institute and etc.

These achievements include:

- Durability mechanical testing machine for mattresses;

- Static load, stability and impact testing machine for chair, desk, bed and screen;

- Durability testing machine for push and pull components;

- Seat surface impact testing machine for chairs and stools;

- Durability testing machine for table and bed;

- Static load, durability testing machine for seat and back of chairs;

- Static load, impact testing machine for armrest and back of chairs;

- testing machine for double door;

- Strength and durability testing machine for lock and bolt;

- Static load, stability testing machine for chairs and stools;

- drop testing machine for chairs and stools;

- Strength testing machine for push and pull components.