SQI can offer food safety inspection and verification service covering product testing, standards building, quality arbitration and safety evaluation. We provide accurate technical support for government supervision and meet the needs of enterprises on different specialties. SQI have developed inspection and test methods and its research level has become the core competitiveness of the national food center especially in dairy products, meat products, food additives and other key products.

We can provide inspection and test services on food, agricultural products, food additives, health products and food related products, including food hazard detection, food nutrition analysis and elemental analysis, qualitative and quantitative detection of food additives and non-food substances illegally added detection, analysis of contaminants in food and traceability detection, analysis and detection of veterinary drug residues in food, probiotics and food borne pathogen identification and traceability detection, molecular identification, GM products detection and testing, food sensory evaluation test, organic food inspection service.

The main test item indicators include food nutrition, trace elements, routine physical and chemical test, heavy metals, microbial, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, pesticides and veterinary drug residues, non food substances, food additives, mycotoxins, transgenic, detection of food additives and food related products.

We also provide training service on laboratory management system, new standards, law and regulation such as GB7718-2011 food safety national standard pre packaged food labeling general rules and so on.

We can provide a full range of service for quality management, risk control and factory audit services for customers, including food, food additives and other products production license review, product risk monitoring analysis  warning, products quality management in the production process  and control testing, new product development and pilot testing etc.


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