SQI offers test service on products of cosmetics, disposable sanitary products, cleaning products and various types of related products classified according to the national and industry standard.

Physical and Chemical Testing

Administrative inspection according to the law and regulations.

Type inspection according to the product standards of cosmetics, disposable sanitary products, cleaning products.

Prohibited, restricted and permitted substances in cosmetics (asbestos hormones, preservatives, pesticides...).

Functional components in cosmetics (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, arbutin, azelaic acid...).

Other personalized detection services.

Microbiology Testing

Microbial contamination of products not only affects the quality of products, but also endangers the health and safety of consumers and can cause infection and allergy. Even if nonpathogenic bacteria exist in the product, it can lead to the imbalance of the normal flora of consumers'' skin and damage the original barrier function of the skin. Our analytical testing services covering a wide variety of microorganism, including:

l  Yeast and mold

l  Thermotolerant coliforms

l  Pseudomonas aeruginosa

l  Staphylococcus aureus

l  Bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects


Safety Assessment of Ordinary Cosmetics

The safety of raw materials is a prerequisite for the safety of cosmetic products. The risk assessment of cosmetic raw materials includes the raw materials themselves and the possible risk substances. Cosmetic products can generally be considered as a combination of various raw materials, and should be evaluated based on all raw materials and risk substances. SQI can provide customers with professional cosmetic safety assessment reports.

Efficacy Claim Evaluation of Ordinary Cosmetics

The efficacy claim of cosmetics should have sufficient scientific basis, including literature, research data or evaluation test results of efficacy claim of cosmetics. The evaluation method of cosmetic efficacy claim should be scientific, reasonable and feasible, and can meet the purpose of cosmetic efficacy claim evaluation. Our efficacy evaluation services include:

l  Acne treatment

l  Nourish

l  Repair

l  Anti wrinkle

l  Compact

l  Soothing

l  Oil control

l  Exfoliator

l  Anti broken hair

l  Desquamation

l  Moisture

l  Hair care


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