Lighting & Electric Light Source Product

SQI provides lighting product testing service such as photometric parameters test, on-site illumination test, safety, performance & energy efficient test, EMC test, CCC test, CQC test and etc. SQI also can provide service of explosion-proof test and Anti-explosion Certificate.

Photometric parameters test objects include Normal luminaire, explosion-proof luminaire for special purpose, marine light granted by China Classification Society, airport navigation light& sign authorized by Civil Aviation Administration of China, floodlight, luminaire for tunnel lighting, luminaire for road lighting, luminaire for interior lighting and etc.

Test of safety, performance & energy efficient objects covers light source products such as electronic ballast, inductance ballast, DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, low pressure discharge lamp(fluorescent lamp & UV lamp), high pressure discharge lamp(high-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure sodium lamps & metal halide lamp), solid state lighting(LED, OLED & EL) and etc.

On-site illumination test service is available to various places such as classroom illumination, road illumination, tunnel illumination, underground illumination, stadium illumination and etc.


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