Textile clothing

SQI’s inspection business scope of textile products includes: cotton fiber, wool, cashmere fiber, chemical fiber, yarn, textile fabrics, clothing, apparel, home textile products; feather products; leather, fur and its products.

We offer services on physical detection, function testing, ecological security detection of textile such as textiles strength, pilling, antistatic performance evaluation, combustion performance, physiological comfort, oil repellency, water resistance, adhesion, anti carcinogenic sensitizing dyes and heavy metal alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, nickel release etc.

Our main inspection field and items:

Textiles/garments: fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, odor test, banned azo colorants, color fastness to water, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to saliva, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda, color fastness to artificial light, color fastness to light-perspiration, color fastness to hot pressing, dye migration, transfer in joints, phenol yellow resistance, heavy metals content, flame retarding agent, phthalate, alkylphenol (AP) and alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), dimensional change in washing, dimensional change after dry cleaning, appearance after washing, seam strength, breaking force, tearing strength, abrasion resistance , fuzzing and piling, etc.

Functional items: moisture permeability, water repellent performance, hydrostatic pressure resistance, anti ultraviolet performance, anti snagging performance, moisture absorption and quick drying performance, oil repellent performance, easy decontamination performance, burning performance, air permeability, abrasion resistance, cool feeling in contact instant, negative ion, far-infrared performance, electrostatic performance, pressure value of pressure socks, ironing free performance, deodorant property, antibacterial activity, UV absorbent, etc.

Down and its products: IDFB detection method, glue down evaluation, down-proof properties, quality deviation rate of filling, down/feather quality, etc.

Leather/fur: tear strength, tensile strength and elongation, elongation at constant load, folding fastness, abrasion resistance, thickness, odor test, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to light, color fastness to perspiration, material identification, pH value, formaldehyde content, banned azo colorants, heavy metal content, phthalic acid ester, hexavalent chromium, flame retardant performance, pentachlorophenol, dichloromethane extract, oxygen chromium, VOC, etc.

Fibers: fineness/diameter, length, maturity, linear density, strength and elongation, moisture regain, defects, physical properties of HVI cotton fiber, sugar content, oil content, shrinkage performance, dry heat shrinkage, dyeing uniformity, shape factor, specific resistance, etc.

Yarns: twist in yarns, tensile property, breaking strength and percentage of extension, linear density, crimping performance, 100,000-meter yarn defect, unevenness of textile strands, etc.

Carpets: size, pile pull-out force, unit fabric quality, pile thickness, pile length, burning performance, harmful substances release, etc.

Hair products: weight, hair length, length of weft, different color of hair content, human hair content, single hair breaking strength, hair shedding, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to light, formaldehyde content, pH value, odor test, banned azo colorants, etc.

Epidemic prevention products: partical filtration efficiency(PFE), bacterial filtration efficiency(BFE), particle protective effect, inhalation / exhalation resistance, mask belt strength, microorganism, visual field, fastness of expiratory valve cover, ethylene oxide residue, combustion performance, air tightness, pressure difference, leakage, inhalation valve, exhalation valve, dead space, eyeglass, face-seal check, head harness, connection and connection parts, synthetic blood penetration, etc.


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