Light Industry Product

SQI’s inspection business scope of light industry product include: toys, baby carrier and other children''s products; stationery; plastic products; daily paper and paper products; paper, metal, plastic food packaging and packaging materials; hot water bag, household rubber gloves and other rubber products; footwear; household ceramics, enamel products; bags and leather products; crafts products and accessories; umbrella, toothbrush, disposable supplies and other daily necessities; basketball, volleyball, football and other sports goods; packages; dangerous chemicals and industrial packaging; architectural glass, vehicle and ship glass, daily-use glass and decorative mirror.

We provide service on product mechanical properties testing, chemical analysis, material analysis, environmental testing and other projects detection such as moisture and oxygen permeability performance, hygienic property, migration of harmful substances in food related products; determination of fluorescent substances in food contact paper tableware; physical properties, combustion properties of toy product, determination of the migration of elements and plasticizer in toys product; determination of flexural performance of shoes , determination of formaldehyde, azo and six chromium and other related harmful substances in shoes; rubber and rubber products performance testing; safety performance and energy saving performance test of building safety glass, automotive safety glass, energy-saving glass and glass products; falling ,piling, air tightness, hydraulic performance testing of packaging containers of dangerous goods.


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