Battle with Coronavirus: SQI Ensures Product Quality and Safety With Professionality

As a National Institute for product quality supervision and inspection, SQI conscientiously performed the important responsibilities of the government laboratory, comprehensively strengthened and cooperated with the quality and safety supervision of various products during the epidemic with its profession, accuracy and efficiency. SQI successively carried out tasks of supporting epidemic prevention and control, such as the rapid inspection of food and agricultural products supplied in Shanghai, the inspection of raw materials of Chinese herbal medicines for epidemic prevention, the sampling inspection of the quality of dispatched living materials and furniture in the shelter hospital. SQI is devoted to make greater contributions to winning the Shanghai Defense War to conquer Coronavirus.


At the critical moment of fighting with the epidemic, the members of the fast food inspection commando of SQI overcame various difficulties. They ensured the safety of materials from other provinces and cities into Shanghai. They have been stationed in the northern suburbs and Jiang qiao transfer station for 24 hours to sample, test and produce results at the first time. Up to now, they have completed the fast food safety inspection task of 3600 batches and 1855 tons of edible agricultural products. SQI has assisted relevant departments to carry out 137 batches of testing work, including food and edible agricultural products, providing professional technical support for the government to respond to social concerns at the first time.Meanwhile,  "Shanghai craftsman" Innovation Studio of SQI gave full play to ensure quality safety of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine, completed the inspection of 342 batches involving 8336 parameters. SQI also completed the testing task of epidemic prevention daily necessities, helped the Shanghai Competitive Sports Training Center on food for athletes and provided services for infant formula milk powder enterprises during the epidemic. More than 9000items and 560 reports have been processed, SQI professionals took the laboratory and office as their homes and spared no effort to protect the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people.


As a necessary material for epidemic prevention, the quality and safety of masks is particularly critical. Since the establishment of emergency preparations in 2020 for more than two years, SQI has completed more than 1,000 batches of mask testing, firmly guarding the epidemic prevention for Shanghai. After receiving the urgent task during the epidemic, experienced technical backbone of SQI assembled immediately and carry out sample docking and testing work as soon as possible. The team members overcame various difficulties and fulfilled the testing task for eight days with more than 100 batches of masks tested. SQI also supported the government in response the social concern on how to check the quality of mask on Wechat offical account , which was forwarded by Shanghai News Broadcasting, China Quality News Network, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, and the Internet Joint Rumor Platform.


Shanghai has stepped up and rapidly promoted the construction of makeshift hospitals and isolation and treatment places. SQI actively provides professional and technical support for the construction of Makeshift hospital, especially the young technical backbones of SQI  took the initiative to set up a professional and technical inspection support team to cooperate with the construction of makeshift hospital. They went to the front line to finish quality and safety inspections of related construction and supporting products. The team members cooperated tacitly to ensure the accuracy of data and issued the test report timely, successively completed tasks such as the Hang jin Road makeshift hospital in Pu dong New Area. For more than a month,SQI professionals stationed in the laboratory and opened green channels for a number of furniture manufacturers, and completed nearly 90 batches of emergency testing tasks for furniture and building materials, which have been recognized and affirmed by the company.


Affected by this round of local epidemic in Shanghai, the test plan of portable impact equipment in an airworthiness certification project of the domestic C919 large passenger aircraft has been stagnant for several days. If it continues to stagnate, it will affect the delivery time of the whole aircraft. After receiving the task, the professional instrument comprehensive calibration innovation team of SQI urgently deployed test equipment and coordinated epidemic prevention materials during the most severe period of epidemic control. After 3 days of continuous work, about 150 sets of calibration test data have been completed, providing important data support for the safety and reliability of aircraft flight, and escorting the follow-up related tests and advancing the certification and delivery of the C919 large passenger aircraft as scheduled. In addition, three commandos of SQI conducted periodic inspections for 668 luggage scales in the Pu dong International Airport terminal, taking responsibility for ensuring the orderly operation of the city.

Since March, SQI has actively leveraged its technological advantages to ensure the quality and safety during the battle with Coronavirus in Shanghai. To ensure the testing for epidemic prevention equipment such as thermometers, electromagnetic compatibility interference and anti-interference experiments, and environmental tests, etc., the "one person and multiple posts"mode of SQI ensured the smooth flow of the "epidemic" line, providing service for epidemic equipment manufacturers. SQI compresses the original 5-day testing workload to 2 days , providing enterprises with scientific and efficient testing services. . Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, more than 120 professionals of SQI sticking to their positions, and 619 volunteers of SQI were fighting in front-line in the community.