Battle with Coronavirus:SQI Organizing Sampling and Testing Epidemic Prevention Materials

In order to ensure the quality and safety of Shanghai epidemic prevention materials, recently SQI received the task of sampling and testing epidemic prevention materials from the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration.

To overcome the difficulties such as personnel deployment and lack of protective supplies, SQI arranged sampling personnel urgently for nucleic acid testing. SQI organized sampling training and checked the production factories addresses absolutely to formulate isolation plans for testing personnel. At the same time, SQI cared about our personnel’s health condition and made all the preparations about sampling methodically. During the sampling process, the sampling personnel randomly sampled according to the work plan and recorded the sampling details through pictures and audiovisual media to make a fair and precise process of sampling.

The sampling work was carried out online and offline. It involving manufacturers, e-commerce, physical sales and other relevant products from multiple channels in an orderly manner. As a government-level laboratory, SQI always fulfill our social duty positively and take up the responsibility to guard the quality and safety of the epidemic prevention.