SQI Is The First Laboratory to Obtain The CBTL Qualification of IEC 61215 in 2021 All Over The World

Until June 4, SQI has successfully obtained the full series CBTL qualification of IEC 61215 version 2021 and become the first laboratory recognized by this standard in the world.

The expansion of CBTL qualification this time added some new technology products, such as large-size components, double-sided components, flexible components, etc. For the above products, bending test, bo-lid (boron oxygen light induced attenuation), dynamic mechanical load, voltage induced attenuation (PID) and other mechanical properties, environmental adaptability and durability test items were added. In addition, the test conditions of hot spot durability, thermal cycle test and static mechanical load were revised. It not only reflects the ability of laboratory personnel, equipment and facilities, test methods, environmental conditions and other aspects of SQI to keep up with the pace of product upgrading, but also fully demonstrates the accumulation of years of technical experience and professional knowledge in the testing and certification industry.

As the CBTL laboratory, SQI keeps good relationships with famous international testing and inspection institutes. In the future, we will continue to give full play to our professional advantages to strengthen international cooperation, creating a new situation of win-win cooperation and helping the healthy development of the photovoltaic market.