SQI Passed CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Expansion & Change Review

On May 15 to 16, SQI and its 9 national quality supervision and inspection centers successfully passed the laboratory accreditation expansion and change review by CNAS. Mrs. Bi Ning, vice president of SQI attended the meeting.

32 experts divided into 8 groups according to the professional areas participated in the review. 538 recommended testing standards and 59 metrological calibration specifications are confirmed in this review, involving food, chemical industry, light industry, electrical appliances, textile, building materials, lighting, mechanical and electrical, measurement and other professional fields. The expert group conducted a comprehensive and strict assessment on the operation compliance of the laboratory management system by means of document review, report spot check and equipment verification. After the review, the expert group agreed that the quality management system of SQI is effective and meets the requirements of CNAS accreditation and qualification.