SIQ - the Swedish Institute for Quality is the national centre for business excellence in Sweden. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the support of the Swedish Government as well as its members association, today counting approximately 100 companies and institutions.

It is a member of IQ net, the CB system and the CCA protocol and has its own laboratory. SIQ is an international certification institute which owns a set of system certification, product testing, certification and measurement. In CB system, it has the function of Member Body, NCB and CBTL. In Europe it is an authorized notified body with nearly ten instructions. SIQ can issue certificate or mark CB, CE, FCC, GS, E-mark as well as KEYMARK (for household appliances and similar products), ENEC, mark (for lighting appliances, IT and audio and video and transformers, etc.) and SIQ EMC mark.